Our Team

Suzanne Strong
Suzanne has worked in the media business for a while, but she will readily admit that radio is her first love. At first, she was given the task of producer of the show, but later on, when a microphone became available, she was ready to go. Her background in Journalism leads her to ask the right questions, but her interest in people and their stories always shines through.

Ernie Castelo

Ernie Castelo is the co-host of the radio podcast, Mind the Business. After 15 years of doing freelance work as a TV anchor, reporter, and host, he along with business partner, Darwin Strong, started a video production company called Skyline Mediacast Productions in 2010. 

Darwin Strong

Darwin has Radio and Television experience both on the mic, and behind the scenes. When he decided that it was time for a new venture, his own media production company, little did he know what it would take to run a business.  That’s when the lights came on, and “Mind the Business” radio was born. MTB Radio soon became a place where startups and entrepreneurs could go and learn all about the nuts and bolts of running a business. Darwin says, "not only are we learning, but so are our listeners".

Mind the Business Radio

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