General Data Protection Regulation

Europe passed the GDPR last May, and on June 28 California passed the California Consumer Privacy Act. It is one of the toughest privacy bills in the Country. We have on the show with us John Owens, who will explain what that all means to small business owners. Learn more by clicking on the player below.

John has an international reputation as an inspirational and transformational writer, speaker, coach and mentor. He is passionate about helping people to find and identify what it is that they love doing most, what they are passionate about! He then helps them to build and expand businesses that turn their passion into profits, enabling them to live the life of their dreams.

He has worked with businesses of all sizes from mom-and-pop enterprises to multibillion-dollar multi-national corporations in a wide range of industries across the UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

John has the rare gift of being able to identify the underlying simplicity in any business of any size and any type – even when it is shrouded in complexity – and to bring it to the surface. He is a master at bringing simplicity and clarity, making people’s lives easier and their businesses more profitable.

He is renowned for his ability to coach and mentor both technical and non-technical people at all levels. He regularly writes and blogs on a broad range of inspirational subjects both in his own blog and as a guest writer.

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