Harnessing the Power of Your Non-Verbal Communication to Attract Business Advancing Opportunities

Most entrepreneurs work on their business brand before working on their personal brand.   In this episode of Mind the Business, the People Branding Expert - Diana Jennings - explains why entrepreneurs and small business owners should work on their personal brand before working on their business brand.  To listen to this episode, click on the Player below.


Known as The People Branding Expert, Diana Jennings teaches clients and audience members how to align their best self with their goals to produce results, attract opportunities, and improve their engagement at work.

She’ll challenge you to rise above and view your life as an objective observer. Her keynotes and workshops help individuals to self-evaluate how they operate in the world and fine tune their awareness in how others perceive them. As a personal brand and image strategist, she’ll share best practices to attract business advancing opportunities and generate faster results with colleagues and clients.

Diana empowers others with tools and knowledge that will promote personal growth, self-confidence, and help them move closer toward their professional goals.