Inc. 500 and Crowdfunding

How does a business go from startup to #27 on the Inc. 500 list in a few short years? Find out on this episode of Mind the Business.  Zach Smith and Thomas Alvord of Funded Today discusses their company's climb to #27.  They also talk about crowdfunding.  So far, they have raised more than $207 million for their clients.   To listen to this episode, click on the link below:

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Zach Smith is a serial entrepreneur, having never had a “real” job his entire life. He’s always starting, selling, running, and managing businesses. He is the CoFounder of Funded Today, LLC which he began along with Thomas in 2014.  Funded Today has raised $210,000,000.00 USD since then for crowdfunding campaigns.  Funded Today just ranked in at #27 on the 2018 INC. 500 List.  Zachloves helping others turn their dreams, ideas, and inspirations into successful companies.

Thomas Alvord lives in Cedar Hills, UT with his wife Melanie and their two sons. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a law degree and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. He is an attorney with the Utah Bar. He is an avid proponent of the Pareto principle, and getting more results with less work.He has run marketing for many online digital campaigns, including for multiple United States Presidential campaigns, and multi-million dollar political committees. He has also consulted with Fortune 500 companies on how to improve their digital marketing and strategy. Thomas has raised millions using the crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. He is the co-author of an upcoming book on that topic called “Funded.”

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