"How to Go from Nothing to Something in 12 Months"

Hello Entrepreneurs!  Have you wondered how you can put your business on the map nationally?  On this episode of Mind the Business, Jeremy Griffin of Startup Street explains "How to Go from Nothing to Something in 12 Months."  Click on the link below to join this lively discussion.


Jeremy Griffin.

Growing up working construction in Rochester NY for my uncle’s business, Wright Bros. Contractors, we learned what words like “work ethic, hustle and multi-tasking early. Side jobs including painting, lawns, cleaning and drywall began at the age of seventeen by twenty-one, I found myself as owner of a fully insured company and on my own.

Along the way there was a brief stint at Monroe Community College, with the lasting impression courtesy of a marketing professor who could seemingly sell anything. I’ll never forget thinking to myself “I bet this guy has never been broke a day in his life!”

After that there was a transfer from MCC to University of Tampa, receiving a BS in Marketing a few years later.