Social Entrepreneurship:                                   Starting & Operating a Nonprofit Organization

Hello Entrepreneurs and Business Owners!  If you have ever wanted to start a nonprofit or charitable organization, then click on the link to listen to this episode of Mind the Business.  Our guest - Patricia Wenskunas, Founder/CEO of Crime Survivors, Inc.. and Owner of Creative Coordinating - speaks about starting and operating a charitable organization and the challenges it presents. 

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Patricia Wenskunas is the Founder/CEO of Crime Survivors Inc. and has gained national renown for her tireless advocacy on behalf of the victims of violent crime. Crime Survivors is dedicated to the proposition that with community support, respectful advocacy and hopeful healing, one can survive a violent crime, and thrive in their personal lives. Ms. Wenskunas stresses the important distinction between being a victim and a survivor, and it is this mindset that forms the basis for the organization’s universally-praised work.